Lacquer Black Natsume

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Rikyū shape" (利休形Rikyū-gata), which comes in small (小棗 ko-natsume) size.

The name natsume comes from the natsume or jujube fruit, which some usucha-ki are said to resemble. Strictly speaking, the word natsumeshould only be used to refer to vessels which have a slightly convex top and body that gradually narrows toward the base, but in practice any usucha-ki may be referred to as a natsume.

Since natsume are used for thin tea, they are the first chaki that a tea student learns to use.

The caddies generally referred to as chaki are relatively small lidded containers, and are not storage vessels. In preparing to perform a tea-making procedure (temae), the host carefully selects the caddy for the matcha that will be used, and, as an important part of the preparations, neatly places the matcha into it. The chaki is chosen to harmonize with the other equipment used for the occasion, and the chaki is among the items the guests pay particular attention to.