Creative Ways to Unwind with Tea

Written by Sachi Kondo


Creative ways to unwind with tea

A cup of tea can be brimming with wonders to the body and mind. In some cultures, tea is folded into the rhythm of daily life for its versatility. It can gently wake up your system but also has the power to relax. 

If you have been weathering a chaotic schedule, we invite you to unwind with the natural healing power of tea. From toning your tummy to calming anxiety, tea provides an endless possibility for us to indulge in its uses. Here are some ways you can incorporate tea in your downtime that is beyond dunking and drinking.

Make your own herbal infusion

Preparing a herbal infusion at home only requires minimal ingredients: herbs and hot water. Not only is it effortless and convenient, but this gentle act can also be pleasurable, even therapeutic. You can get creative with it— you may end up finding a concoction of your own unique blend! We suggest learning the variety of herbs and spices our mother Earth has to offer. On the days you need extra care, you’ll know just what your body appreciates.

We suggest blending our Javanese White Tea Silver Needle with dried cempaka (magnolia champaca flower) and pandan. This white tea is low in caffeine, making this blend a calming and fragrant tisane that is simultaneously nutritious. Traditional medicine treasures pandan for its pain-relieving properties, especially joint pains and arthritis. It can also soothe headaches and earaches, whilst magnolia has been used to cure the common cold.

Try a facial tea steam

A luxury spa experience can be fleeting. Natural skincare, on the other hand, is one we can take home. Many skincare brands have now switched to all-natural ingredients, such as florals and herbs, to wash away your skin woes. Perhaps, it’s time to include facial tea in your evening ritual. 

You may take your pick from readily-made tea-based products out there. Alternatively, you could use your tea scraps to calm you inside and out. You can simultaneously practice a no-waste household. Keep your leftover tea leaves, herbs, and spices from last night’s infusion and turn them into a facial scrub or bath salts. To de-stress, you may add a few drops of lavender or rose oil. You may add honey with your tea and put it in a tea bag and turn it into a face mask! Relax and bask in the herbal heat for as long as you wish. 

Set a mindful routine 

Tea is a handy remedy to keep stress at manageable levels. If you seek an extra dose of calm and quiet, create a mindfulness strategy after a busy day that involves drinking tea. Herbal teas or tisanes, such as lavender or peppermint tea can help reduce anxiety. When paired with a calming activity, you may reap even more benefits come bedtime.

Some tea enthusiasts would do so with a meditation practice. It’s more than just taking slow sips of your tea. The practice begins when you select your tea and teaware, and boil the water. The window in between is an opportunity for short breathing exercises or reading a few pages of a book. The simple act of closing your eyes, focusing on the rise and fall of your chest, can do you good, too.

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